About Book Corner

The year was 2005 when I took fascination to Blogger, my new discovery on the Internet. The reader and writer in me screamed at once in excitement and I thought of starting a book review blog at Blogger.com. On Wednesday, June 1st, 2005, I posted my first review on Book Corner, my blog at the URL https://bookreviewpot.blogspot.com/. I reviewed books for various publications over the next decade and posted many of those reviews on Boo Corner as well. Then came my adoration for WordPress, first in 2010 via my journal site Recovering the Self and later, in my news and views site Word Matters in 2013!

As maintaining multiple sites is difficult since each of my sites has a book review section, I am finally saying adieu to the blogger site. That doesn’t mean it has died. It has only transformed, retaining its soul but switching its body – from Blogger to WordPress – and getting a new URL. I am keeping a picture of the baby Book Corner (below) from the day it was born (though the design and my profile image underwent a number of updates).

So welcome everybody to the new Book Corner! New reviews will be added and maybe new reviewers too, making this a comprehensive book and literature review resort and press service for authors and publishers. The journey through the magical world of the written word continues.

Book Corner

Ernest Dempsey

December 22, 2020