Submit Press Release

Book Corner welcomes your press releases and announcements regarding the release of your book or any other announcement relating books.

To submit a press release, first inquire via the Contact Page. Include the name(s) of author, the book title, publisher, publication year, and in case of published books, a link to the book page. For unpublished and soon-to-be-released books, add a line or two to summarize what the book is about. The release doesn’t have to be about a newly published or unpublished book.

Press Releases posted are tagged as “Press Release” for a negotiable fee. Please note that book reviews on Book Corner get rated on a 5-star rating system but press releases are not rated. Press releases will be posted permanently and if an update is needed, the editor will edit the post the first time without any additional charges. Any subsequent requests for edits will be entertained for an additional editorial fee.