Runs of Life

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UPC: 978-1-61599-439-7
Brand: Modern History Press
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Author: Ernest Dempsey
Pages: 24

Running is natural--an act combining freedom of motion and personal energy to take one's body and spirit out of the “normal” mode of movement. We run early in our lives, starting in childhood. Nobody needs to teach it to us. Even before we are able to muster the strength and attain the balance for running with our bodies, our spirit is long familiar with running. There truly is something special about running.

The themed poems in this publication come mainly from personal memories of running--out of simple play and childhood fun time, at times for safety, or even in dreams. I loved running; still love it though now I don’t get many "calls" for speeding up my feet and setting my pace to that level of energy. But I do run, body and soul.

"Ernest Dempsey’s dear little book on running is full of surprises. His earnestness about running both delights and transforms into potent metaphor…. just not the ones you might expect. This is a sweet and generous heart… one that runs into darkness and manages to bring back joy."
-- Elizabeth Knight, Writing and Literature Instructor, Portland Community College

"Not everyone remembers the joys of running the way that Ernest Dempsey has done in this little book. My favorite poem is 'Racing Heart.' Kudos to Ernest."
-- RD Armstrong, poet, publisher and dog about town

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