Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

In The Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro, military sports instructor Roy Lingster gives current and aspiring baseball players a crash course in whetting their hitting skills.

The Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro is a short but complete book that covers both the physics and psychology of the baseball game. It’s more on the psychology side, though, since Linsgter explains how mental focus is the key to effective hitting in the batter’s box. In seven chapters, the author teaches the fundamentals of becoming a good hitter in baseball. These include the mechanics of hitting and the mental power of striking effectively. In each chapter, the author illustrates his key points by examples from the performance of famous hitters, showing where they went wrong and what they did to fix it.

Readers also learn about the struggles of some legendary baseball hitters in the game and how they overcame the challenges by making important adjustments to perfect their swing. The book underscores the central role of mental clarity and concentration in getting the best out of the bat at the plate. An interesting and important chapter (No. 4) discusses the importance of anticipating the kind of pitch coming at the hitter; in other words, how to think like a pitcher in order to have a clear idea of what you will be hitting next.

There is a fair amount of baseball history in the book, both about the game and about players who rose to national and international fame. Quotes from veteran players on maximizing performance and a set of questions for hitters in each chapter add to the educational value of the lessons in The Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro.

With its immense educational value coming from a seasoned baseball instructor, this book also has great motivational power to encourage those hitters who suffer from self-doubt after a series of bad performances in the field. Stories of some of the celebrated players making a comeback after setbacks in the game convey the message of hope for success in future.

As someone with little knowledge of baseball, this reviewer learnt a lot about the game and its spirit from Lingster’s easy-to-understand and to-the-point instructions on how to improve one’s performance in the field. This book makes a great introductory course for new and struggling baseball hitters as well as for students of the game. Anyone interested in sports psychology will also enjoy reading The Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro.

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