Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Want to understand the core of the essential global warming and climate change debate and why the climate alarmists are wrong? Pick this short yet highly informative book Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear (Tharsis Highlands) by Rod Martin, Jr.

The seven chapters in this book address the biggest claims about global warming and climate change that are echoed all around by mainstream media and establishment science. These include the alleged alarming rise in global temperature, outpouring of carbon dioxide by human activities into the atmosphere, disastrous storms supposedly caused by climate change, and the impact of climate change on our future. The author addresses each question separately and educates readers with the basics of environmental science to show how the mainstream media have been scaremongering people on presumed horrors of climate change when there is nothing to fear far as these claims go.

As the book gives us a crash course in environmental/climate science, it informs on how the atmospheric carbon dioxide content in our time compares with that of various historical periods and why we should be really worrying if our earth was getting colder instead of warmer. The author warns us of the dangers of an overall cooling climate and how we, still living in an interglacial period, could be at risk of perishing should the earth cooled rapidly to lead us into another ice age that is hostile to life’s sustainability on the planet. The author calls out the media and climate change alarmists for their political bias and dishonesty.

Like any good science writer, Rod Martin Jr. backs his claims with scientific data in form of graphs in each chapter and plenty of references at the end of the book. Also included are helpful online resources to get more information on the science that mainstream media will not report.

Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear is easy to understand, is mostly free of jargon, and comes with valuable resources to make it a commendable book of essential environmental science.

Format: eBook

BN ID: 2940155809715


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