One Glittering Wing

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Poet Joan Myles follows through with a second collection, One Glittering Wing, following the author’s first collection, One With Willows © 2019. As we become more acquainted with the author, her voice and narrative shines. The collection, independently published like One With Willows, is a grief journey but also a journey of the soul. The imagery-rich and emotional overtones echo through the reader’s mind and heart. These are touching poems of loss, love, and the path of emotion.

The poem Dancing with Emily Dickenson draws the reader to her side and we feel the moment through her words.

“Oh look/someone has broken/the strand spilling/the Queen’s pearls everywhere/they slide down the sheets of the sky/trace the curves of Lilly/and leaf/shyly kiss our cheeks and hair”

How could the reader not feel the gentle spring rain after reading a line so full of nature’s gifts?

Joan Myles walks the reader along the path, even when she is expressing the travesty of losing loved ones. This writer was comforted by her expression of pain and would encourage this book to be presented as a book of comfort for poetry readers who have experienced a significant loss. The following excerpt from the seventh stanza of the poem, Tammy, is a prime example of  the inner beauty and struggle of this collection:

“I press my face against the
Window screen
breathe deep
sudden rain showers grateful
For tears not mine alone
Tears sweetening the air, tears
Promising growth renewal of
Life, life beyond visible life –”

As with her first collection, when read aloud, the poems in One Glittering Wing breathe with life, with pain, connection, with being human. Sharing the work of Joan Myles with others has been an honor and this reader is looking forward to reading and reviewing her third book.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 979-8668239603


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