Pressure: A Memoir

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

“I will get what I want,” said the voice in a child’s head one evening as he secretly watched Miami Vice on tape in his mom’s room. Thus started an extraordinary and, at times, perilous journey full of risks and benefits with some precious life lessons – all well-documented in Eric Canori’s Pressure: A Memoir (Peerless Development, 2022).

Starting his story from the day when he buried gold worth millions of dollars in his mother’s backyard, Canori takes readers to his childhood to tell how his determination as a boy in his early teens to make something of his life soon landed him in the secret business of selling weed. As he earned money from the illegal business while dodging the law enforcement across the country, he started to realize that there is more to life than chasing gold.

Canori’s story is interesting, full of adventure, and at times gets quite emotional as he opens his heart to let readers have a glimpse into his soul, revealing the boy who still wants no harm and just struggling to prove to his mom that he can be his fantasized star in life. The narration of Pressure is deeply engaging and the authorial voice exudes honesty and credibility.

There are some precious life lessons offered in Canori’s book, mainly in the latter half as the author increasingly realizes that his mom’s advice to him as a child often turned out to be a fact in his later life. In the chapter “Trapped” for example, when he has been arrested by the authorities and awaiting trial, he remembers his mom saying, “You better burn your bad habits before they burn you.” (168)

Pressure is a good read for all adult readers, and a must for fans of true crime and inspirational stories. Eric Canori has been successful in reaching into his soul and discovering what life and happiness are really about; his book delivers the secret to all readers.

Format: eBook

ISBN: 9798985644715


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