Google Bomb

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Sue Scheff and John W. Dozier Jr. have taken up a very important, as well as interesting, topic in this book, i.e. defamation via the Internet. The wonder of computer technology, aka the Internet, especially the most popular search engine Google, never seems to stop amazing its admirers but it also has emerged as one of the most dangerous weapons used for character assassination. In a matter of minutes, it can be used to present you to the world as a villain and, no matter how innocent you are, the dark shadow of a tarnished image haunts you to death. And, if you are in a business, you can certainly expect being ruined financially, at the least.

All these things happened to Google Bomb’s author Sue Scheff as she tells her story with the purpose to create awareness about the issue of cyber-slamming and what one can do about it. Defamation specialist attorney John W. Dozier Jr., the book’s co-author, tells about the legal aspects to online defamation, also referring to Sue’s case as an example. Sue’s story evokes the need for caution and action in the reader’s mind against the malice of cyber-stalkers. It inspires us to stand up against bullying inflicted by using web postings and emails, usually under the cover of anonymity. John’s advice on legal action that victims of cyber defamation can take in defense sounds very helpful and important for everyone to remember. John also guides on other sources that can be used for barricading against online defamation.

The book has been written in chapters and topics alternating between Sue’s story and John’s discussion of the subject. At first, readers may feel bit of confusion about who is talking now, or next, but later, the pattern becomes familiar and easy to follow. The ending is particularly impressive with a compassionate human message written in form of two emails (one by each author) that complement the book’s theme. Google Bomb is an important book for everyone to read and to keep with them in their “first aid” box.

ISBN: 0757314155


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