Hiding in Unnatural Happiness

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Hiding in Unnatural Happiness by Devamrita Swami is a fairly short book of essays and commentary that explore the foundation of happiness. The author introduces readers to the nature of happiness, its various levels in human life, and the path to a life of true happiness—all in the perspective of spiritual philosophy of Hinduism.

Swami distinguishes between the entrapping materialistic approach to happiness, which is what many people today adhere to, and the liberating spiritual approach to happiness, one that comes with the true knowledge of our place in the universal scheme of things. His commentary moves though the fields of economy, psychology, society/culture, philosophy, and personal wellbeing in order to illustrate the different levels of our awareness that determine the kind of happiness in our lives. Here you see a special emphasis on practicing yogi lifestyle for attaining contentment.

The chapters in this work are short and some chapters are expanded versions of the author’s presentations at various educational institutions. Swami’s language has a pleasing, aesthetic feel to it. With a length of around a hundred pages, Hiding in Unnatural Happiness is a decent pick for lovers of short books that offer some pearls of wisdom.

ISBN: 978-0947259860  

Availability: https://www.abebooks.com/9780947259860/Hiding-Unnatural-Happiness-Devamrita-Swami-0947259864/plp

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