The Archetype of the Number and Its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology

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Alain Negre’s The Archetype of the Number and its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology explore
a field of study that mainstream science has steered clear of and thus mainstream media also doesn’t obsess itself with, yet one which is applicable to the story of the universe—numbers and their association with the evolution of consciousness and of universe.

In twelve chapters, the author makes a case for number having a qualitative aspect by virtue of which it qualifies as an archetype reflecting a deeper reality of consciousness; the same also reflects in the history and evolution of our universe as contemporary cosmology views it. Based on the content, the book can be roughly divided into two main parts—the first part explaining the number archetype as concluded from existing scientist, philosophical, and cultural understanding of reality; and the second part explaining the implications of the number archetype in universe and collective consciousness, particularly in astrology.

Negre’s work draws from several different principles, views, and theories from science and philosophy that form our collective understanding of reality. But he focuses on two scholars in great detail: theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Throughout the book, the parallels between the works of Pauli and Jung as well as their correspondence about mind, matter, and a deeper reality make an interesting story of intellectual collaboration in the history of science for the purpose of greater clarity of understanding our existence in relation to all that is.

Given the book’s subject matter and a leaning toward the academic, some use of jargon, particularly in the first half, doesn’t seem very imposing. The author does provide short, easy-to-grasp explanation with such terms. Still, a background in or familiarity with college-level science, particularly physics, would make reading this work more facile.

The Archetype of the Number and its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology is likely a hard-to-swallow book for those who strictly follow mainstream science. Yet people with a taste for interdisciplinary views, and particularly lovers of numerology and astro-cosmological theories, would find Negre’s book intriguing.

ISBN: 978-1630515874


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