Pacifist Chicken And Other Largely Humorous Stories of Small Hopes

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Andrea Kampic has extended the title of her debutant book of humor Pacifist Chicken (Blue Agave Press, California, 2006) to specify that the stories are largely humorous but also include pieces that fall into the genre of monologues bordering on the line of cynicism. This book by Andrea Kampic is an enjoyable addition to humorous-satirical literature of our time on account of the many individual oddities and collective madness that we are all living with.

The individual stories of the book vary in mood and tone from the lambent My Dream Dog to pure maniacal ranting like Don’t Make Me Hate You. The two things that connect the pieces are character driven nature of the situations and the intensity of consciousness to the lag between an idealized perfect life and the many holes in the shroud of perfection. The author has touched on a number of social issues and personal discontent in a light mood. Marital problems, parental relationships, artistic inspiration, narcissistic needs, pets, politics, meditation, and the ways in which modern urban society affects the inner world of its members are the sundry themes presented in Pacifist Chicken.

Andrea Kampic’s book is made livelier by the addition of simple photos at the start of each new story. The stories themselves are short enough not to bore the reader. The author, or anyone, did not include a preface or introduction. Perhaps none was needed since Andrea Kampic has worked in Hollywood as a photographer and this first book of hers shows the insightful lens of her observation penetrating the habits of living our kind of life. It’s a book worth reading.

ISBN: 0976790939



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