Teddy Bear Princess

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)
A short and sweet book for toddlers, Teddy Bear Princess (Marvelous Spirit Press, 2013) by Jewel Kats tells the story of a girl named Teddy Bear Princess who lives in a castle in the forest and has a peaceful and fun life with simple, innocent pleasures.
Teddy Bear Princess has beautiful full-page illustrations – from Richa Kinra – for each page of the story, such that the story is told in written as well as visually. The story shows the beauty and value of sharing with others as children see Teddy Bear Princess sharing her treats with her pet friend Zumba, a unicorn, and other unicorns in Zumba’s world.
This book makes a great first lesson for toddlers, introducing them to the meaning of kindness and sharing with friends, including animal friends and pets. Highly recommended for every parent/educator who has a toddler at their care.
ISBN: 978-1615991631

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