The 5-Second Inventor

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Attractive design, durability, affordability, and marketing are all important features of a commercially successful product. But above all of them comes the creative idea – the birth of a product in one’s mind. Ideas are the most precious asset of people; we all have great ideas, but not many of us pursue them to make them become real products – those sold in markets. Ken Chuah’s recent book The 5-Second Inventor tells readers how to benefit from your potentially successful ideas by turning them into commercially viable products – your very own inventions.

Ken’s book points to the commercial success achieved by “inventpreneurs”, people who invent, manufacture, and distribute their products without taking the traditional routes to success in business. Ken gives examples of famous inventpreneurs who earned both profit and reputation by developing their ideas. He also tells his own success story while showing the core elements of successful business using modern inexpensive channels of promotion. The book is particularly meant for helping people with a limited budget to start and promote their own businesses.

The 5-Second Inventor also extends the topic of developing ideas into products and promoting them to doing business overseas. The author himself travels to China off and on and considers China as the business center of the world. Thus he gives practically useful advice on cultural differences, emotional intelligence, and consideration of a number of other factors that determine how far you succeed in cashing your ideas. The book includes a glossary of terms related to the business world and an index of key concepts in the chapters. For anyone, interested in setting up his/her own business, starting with a single idea, and going all the way to a big name and income, The 5-Second Inventor is a recommended read.


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