The GenoType Diet

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Since William Sheldon’s seminal work on somatotyping, a number of scientific endeavors have been made to correlate behavioral traits with biological constitution. Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s latest book The GenoType Diet (Broadway Books, December 2007) discovers new connections between human morphology, genetic makeup, and blood types. He then theorizes a division of people into six main groups, the GenoTypes, on the basis of these characteristics and relates them to a person’s health, proposing a diet plan that best fits the nutritional needs of each category. After Dr. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type series, this book adds a new perspective to the diet-centered approach of naturopathic treatment.

Dr. D’Adamo devotes individual sections of his book to explain the science, mostly epigenetics, underlying the role of diet in an individual’s overall health. How and why it differs for different GenoTypes is the hook in this publication. Most interestingly, though not very fully, the author relates diet and Genotype in an evolutionary context. Combined with the author’s storytelling skills, it makes the research work a kind of test for self-discovery. As one reads more, he/she is tempted to discover him/herself in the right category of GenoTypes.

While the The GenoType Diet remains an interesting read for most part of it, there is a good deal of repetition in more than one chapter – sometimes seen in replication of whole passages. This is the main weakness that actually starts boring you at the beginning, and/or end, of some chapters. There also remains some confusion about how the author places historical figures, like Julius Caesar and Elizabeth 1 etc, in a particular GenoType without having any possibility to know their morphological measures, blood types, and other variables. This is more of a problem when he categorizes religious figures – like Abraham – characters whose very historicity is in question.

Dr. D’Adamo’s books is not strictly confined to healthy diet only but he also suggests some easy-to-do exercises for people of the six GenoTypes in order to ensure optimal fitness. The book also contains a list of useful resources on the subject and a glossary of important terms. Recommended for health-conscious readers.

ISBN-13: 978-0767925242


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