Berlitz Scandinavian Phrase Book and Dictionary

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Berlitz is a landmark organization in teaching foreign languages. It publishes glossy, easy to follow, and easy to carry language course books and phrase books, all carrying the Berlitz motto ‘Helping the World Communicate’. This is met with full promise as far as the pocket size Scandinavian Phrase Book and Dictionary shows us. While the small size is in itself a great convenience, this publication is attractively designed and made special with several unique features. Words and phrases of daily use from 5 related languages have been included along with a guide to pronunciation and a brief English-Scandinavian dictionary at the end.

The languages selected are: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, and Norwegian. A map of the region where these languages are spoken is the guiding page at the book’s end. Various sections are categorized and guiding boxes within the pages instruct on making sentences with important words/phrases. A special feature of the book is the color coding scheme that makes words and phrases easy to find. Seek the Danish in purple, Finnish in orange, Icelandic in green, Norwegian in yellow, and Swedish in red. It is the expertise of Berlitz to wrap the most important cultural tools of five of the world’s most beautiful countries in a sleek gift of 192 pages.

Scandinavian Phrase Book and Dictionary is a wonderful gift for travel and learning!

ISBN: 2831577381


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