Public Schools Are Archaic

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

A short book from M.R. Ussery, we are told herein that public schools do not meet the range of educational demands of our children in the 21st century. Public schools are archaic, by which the author is referring to processes and the system only (not meaning thereby to hurt any human agents). The essential learning focus of public school learning is on memorizing and not “doing” besides ignoring the range of the required timeframe among different students for successfully accomplishing the same educational tasks. The book tells us that we need a modern, more flexible, and updated system of education.

To M.R. Ussery, this proposed system comes in the form of learning modules developed for students after assessment of their learning needs and incorporating modern multimedia and digital technologies. There are special learning advantages to gain from schools operating on these modules including a broader range of learning that is not rigidly time-bound and takes into consideration the aspects of a student’s practical achievements. The author proposes a pilot program for developing such a system.

What you will like in this book is that it does not attempt at any kind of negative criticism of public schools. Instead, it proceeds in a very positive tone toward the book’s point, inviting all educated professionals to contribute their own ideas for the potential development of a better educational system. This book is a good read for parents, educators, and policymakers but also for thoughtful individuals from any walk of life.

ISBN: 978-1432758059


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