Langenscheidt Pocket Phrasebook of Italian

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If you are planning a trip to Italy for the first or perhaps second time, one thing you’d need is a good guide. In the form of Langenscheidt Pocket Phrasebook of Italian, accompanied by an audio cassette that runs an hour, Langenscheidt Publishers (New York) provide you with the best companion you may carry in your pocket on your trip to Italy.

The glossy phrasebook of Italian, over 250 pages, teaches you how to communicate in Italian by including essential words and phrases for you to travel in Italy without any problem of basic verbal interaction. You can introduce yourself at the airport, find yourself a suitable accommodation, travel through the county and shop, dine, and get back to your residence-all without any snag by taking along your Langenscheidt’s Jiffy Travel Pack. The colorful illustrations and short dialogues let you have a fun-to-learn practice of Italian language.

The phrasebook has an English-to-Italian dictionary of all the important words and phrases at the end of the book. The really wonderful feature of this phrasebook is that it carries transliteration of all the important words you’d need to use in communicating with someone who speaks this language. Listening to the cassette will reinforce the sound patterns you learn from the book. So there is no problem of correct pronunciation. If you know English, Langenscheidt’s Jiffy Travel Pack will readily teach you Italian. The phrasebook includes an alphabetic index of important words. A guide to Italian grammar and conversion charts check your mistakes. So you go perfect with your Italian!

ISBN: 1585735094


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