Plague of Corruption

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Last year, a video called “Plandemic” became an overnight sensation on the internet and created panic among the establishment and corporate media networks, causing them to rush to censor and try to discredit the contents of the video. The person interviewed in the video was senior scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits. It is only after reading her book Plague of Corruption (Skyhorse Publishing, 2020), co-authored with Kent Heckenlively, that you realize why she was instantly banned by the mainstream.

In Plague of Corruption, Dr. Judy Mikovits takes readers through the dark world of scientific research, more specifically, research in virology and immunology, which is infested with corporate influence and overseen by corrupt figures in the highest positions. Dr. Mikovits tells in detail what happened to her and her colleagues when they published some alarming research findings about the XMRV virus—one that can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrom—in the journal Science in 2009. What followed was a real-life nightmare in her life as the government and corrupt scientific establishment targeted her with hostility and even attempts to harm her beyond destroying her career.

Dr. Mikovits tells about a number of eye-opening cases of research in the field of immunology and virology, explaining the role of various factors that lead to dangerous infectious diseases, one of them being the practice of vaccination. Explaining the origin and prevalence of dangerous pathogens, citing documented research studies, Dr. Mikovits shows what is wrong with science today and why we need to be more careful about and suspicious of information fed to the masses by the government.

The educational value of Plague of Corruption cannot be overstated. This book qualifies to be called a science enthusiast’s treasure given how well it explains the process and key facts of scientific research while showing at the same time what goes wrong and how to fix it. While the specific research field explored is that of immunology/virology, the book shows essentials of the scientific method.

Beyond science, Plague of Corruption is at the same time a scary as well as reassuring book. It is scary for all the details of corruption and compromised bureaucracy that occupies science today—people that even kill if they fail to keep you silent; yet, it’s heartening to see that good and brave souls exist in the realm of scientific research—people that will not sell out and refuse to stay silent, the author being one of them.

Each chapter of his book is full of interesting information and every case study is a landmark in the quest for truth. The book is inspirational as well as highly motivational, calling for renewed vigor in thought and action to protect our bodies and minds from the plague of corruption that has become the undeclared pandemic all across the globe.

If there is only one science book you can read this year, Plague of Corruption has to be your pick. Its importance can simply not be overstated.

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781510752245


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