Refuting Relativity

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Science writer and cosmology buff Brent Shadbolt has brought up one of the most important, if not the most important, topics in contemporary physics – the validity of Einstein’s theories of relativity – in his book Refuting Relativity: Uncovering the Controversial Evidence that Challenges the Foundations of Modern Cosmology (self-published, 2024).

Shadbolt takes readers to the years before Einstein presented his special theory of relativity when the ground of theoretical physics was about ready for cultivating it. Once put forth, the theory suffered from scientific challenges but was later embraced widely as he followed up on it with his general theory of relativity to account for gravity. At that point in time, mathematics was allowed the central place in exploring the scientific landscape in physics. The author makes note of this approach as not only the key reason why relativity found such widespread acceptance but also a problem that has afflicted the field of theoretical physics ever since.

As an author, Shadbolt’s voice is very clear and each chapter of his book very focused. The narration proceeds tightly and serially such that each chapter continues the story of the theory of relativity and its flaws against competing views that better explain the scientific observations in astronomy. Thus the author explores the problem with relativity and offers possible solutions.

Where necessary, Shadbolt has included illustrations to help readers comprehend the topic at hand. Each chapter also includes references to relevant publications cited in the text. In a total of ten chapters, Refuting Relativity covers a lot of ground in explaining the standard model of universe, the key role of relativity in it, and the reasons why it is not the correct scientific approach to adopt.

Refuting Relativity is a great science book but at the same time a history book for both lay readers and science students who have yet to apply critical thought to scientific theories by putting them in the context of research not readily visible in media and classrooms.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9798891098077


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