Theaters and Theater Companies of New York

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

For theater goers and drama lovers, the World Audience Publishers (New York) has published a brief guide to important theaters and theater companies in New York. Authored by Mike Stefan Strozier and Anthony Rubino Jr., Theaters and Theater Companies of New York (January 2008) carries a wealth of guidance on important drama production centers in New York along with full page photos of theater buildings.

Strozier and Rubino’s book inform the readers on the difference between different kinds of theater companies, working in New York; the background of their origin; and the profiles of more important theaters and production companies including their contact details and expert rating of their overall performance. Such an evaluation may help the readers decide what theater to go on their coming weekend. In addition, the authors of the book have also touched on the good and not-so-good critics and publications concerned with the quality of theater in New York. The book also warns against some places for security reasons – information, particularly helpful to strangers/tourists who want to enjoy nighttime theater in New York.

Despite the somewhat out-of-proportion abundance of theater images, Theaters and Theater Companies of New York does not lack in amusing substance. You learn about the story of the first actor, the story of the Tony Award, financial facts about theaters, the longest running plays, and more. This guide offers a snapshot of the art of theatrical production in New York, its past and present, and the business and pleasure of theater in the heart of America.

ISBN: 193420983X


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